What Makes Us Different?

Aiinaak breaks the mold. 

During an extensive search for inspiration, we delved into the history of eyewear and stumbled upon a hidden gem. The 14th century Pince Nez, a name derived from the French words 'pincer' to pinch, and 'nez' nose. 

Deciding to unearth and craft this design, Aiinaak combined style with innovation resulting in a product that not only breaks the mold, but does it in a way that exudes craftsmanship, artistry, & luxury.

How do they hold on?

With a simple squeeze, place, & release, putting on Aiinaak is effortless.

Designed to hold their grip on the bridge of your nose without falling. Our engineers spent years designing a simple yet intricate mechanism to change how the world puts on glasses.

Tailoring Aiinaak to fit noses of every shape and size was a big consideration in our design. As well as being tested on athletes during rigorous activities, hot sweaty weather, and day to day tasks, Aiinaak holds true even with demanding activities, sweat build up, and face oils.